Horse Manure Spreader FAQ's

These common questions come from horse lovers like you, and we hope the detailed answers here are helpful. If you have more specific questions about horse manure spreaders, please contact Millcreek directly or give us a call at 1-800-311-1323.

Who actually manufactures the spreader?

Some brands of spreaders are manufactured by another company, and just have different labels. Millcreek is the only company focused on making manure spreaders for the horse owner, and provides direct service and support for our own equipment.

While cheap spreader brands come and go all the time, Millcreek has been making horse manure spreaders for over 25 years. We also sell parts for spreaders whose manufacturers have gone out of business.

What is customer support like? Can I talk to a live person?

We take pride in our parts and service department, and are the only mini-spreader manufacturer to have service and maintenance videos on our website. Our technicians can often fix problems or identify needed parts without looking them up. We have a very large and complete parts inventory and make every effort to ship on the date of order.

What is the warranty on Millcreek horse manure spreaders?

Most horse manure spreaders have a warranty of only one year. Millcreek provides a 2-year warranty on parts, 10-year prorated on our unique Rhino Lining coating, and a lifetime warranty on the poly floor.

What is the horse manure spreader's floor made of? It is usually the first thing to go.

Millcreek horse manure spreaders have a full lifetime warranty on the poly floorboards.

What size tractor will I need?

See the Guide above or download complete details in our Millcreek Spreader Buyer's Guide.

What is "Ground Drive" and what is "PTO"?

"Ground Drive" simply means that the wheels moving over the ground provide all the power necessary for the manure spreading mechanisms to operate. No external power source needed. "PTO" stands for "Power Take Off," referring to a shaft connecting a large tractor to the implement behind it. The turning motion of the PTO shaft drives the mechanisms in the implement.

Please discuss the benefits of Ground Drive versus PTO operated horse manure spreaders with your Millcreek dealer, or call a sales representative to be sure your tractor matches up with the spreader you want.

Models Drivetrain
15, 22, 27, and 37 Ground Drive only
57 and 77 Available as Ground Drive or PTO
97 and 127 PTO only

How far and wide can a Millcreek Horse Manure Spreader spread?

The Model 27, our most popular compact manure spreader, propels material about 6 feet behind the spreader. This greatly depends on the moisture content and particle size. Wood shavings are typically a bit drier and tend to spread a shorter distance. Heavy, wet material with a lot of straw content spreads about 5 to 7 feet behind the horse manure spreader. The width of the spreading pattern is about 1 foot wider than the spreader on each side. In other words, if the spreader is 3 feet wide, the spreading pattern will be about 5 feet wide.

Models Spreading Width
15 and 22 4 feet
27 and 37 4.5 feet
57 and 77 5 feet
97 and 127 6.5 feet

Can I horse spread manure in any season?

Yes, Millcreek horse manure spreaders can be operated during any time of the year. However in rainy, muddy, snowy, or icy weather, the traction for the tractor or ATV may be a problem. It may be necessary to delay spreading until the ground dries out.

Please be sure to check with your state and local health or agriculture departments for seasonal horse manure spreading regulations.

What happens to the soil when I spread horse manure?

The horse manure will dry out due to exposure to the air and because the spreading action breaks it into small pieces, which dry much faster than horse droppings turned out in a pasture. Dried horse manure attracts fewer flies and becomes less hospitable to parasites. Horse manure will eventually decompose through natural microbial action, and the nutrients will help enhance soil quality. Spreading horse manure helps complete the natural cycle.

One thing you might want to watch for: raw wood shavings and sawdust, commonly used for bedding, tend to draw nitrogen from the soil if coverage is too heavy in a given area. If you see pasture grass beginning to yellow where you have applied lots of horse manure and shavings, this is likely the reason. The grass will recover with time, but you will want to give the grass some time to recover before spreading manure on that area of yellowed grass.

How many acres of meadow do I need for one horse?

One acre of land will typically handle the manure from 1-2 horses, depending on the size of the horse. This allows horse manure to dry and decompose in one area while you spread in a different area. Then the cycle of coverage can begin again.

How big of a horse manure spreader do I need?

There are some basic guidelines for determining the right Millcreek horse manure spreader for you:

  1. The bigger the spreader, the less traveling you'll do and the faster the job will be done. For example, if you frequently do complete stall cleanings, you'll benefit from a bigger spreader.
  2. If you have a greater distance to the field where you're spreading, a larger horse manure spreader will be much more efficient.

Models Recommended for
15 1-2 Horses
22 1-3 Horses
27 2-4 Horses
37 4-6 Horses
57 5 to 10 Horses, and best for hobby farms
77 11 to 20 Horses, and best for hobby farms
97 20 Horses or more; best for hobby farms and small working farms
127 Best for the largest stables, hobby farms and small working farms

A Millcreek representative can help you more precisely determine which Millcreek Horse Manure Spreader is right for you.

Call us toll free (8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time) at: 1-800-311-1323

I am under 5'3" tall. Will I have difficulty loading manure into my spreader?

No. Our compact manure spreaders are designed and engineered to be as low to the ground as possible, thus making it easier to load than other spreaders on the market. The lowest Millcreek spreader height is only 21 inches. Our popular compact manure spreaders have a loading height of just 27.5 inches... that's lower than some wheelbarrows!

Models Loading Height
15 21 inches
22 25 inches
27 and 37 27.5 inches
57 and 77 34 inches
97 39 inches
127 47 inches