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The Millcreek Difference
If this is your FIRST, NEXT or LAST Spreader - you owe it to yourself to compare!




Every Spreader is handmade in the Millcreek Factory.

Some don't even have a factory - one is actually a marketing firm - TRUE STORY!

5 Stage Acid Wash; shot blasting and powder coating.

They Use Cor-Ten Steel and paint - Want to know the rest of the story?

Millcreek Spreaders have zero grease points!

So many grease points, a grease gun should be included; lots of maintenance!

On average, Millcreek Spreaders require 8 HP.

Typically require up to 25% more HP.

Millcreek offers stainless steel spreaders.

The others don't.

Millcreek spreaders have been specifically designed to be lighter and stronger.

They advertise "spreader weights nearly 1/3 more than competitor's spreader." In our experience, heavier isn't always better!

An online library of service and maintenance videos.

Good Luck trying to find what you need.

We've got more. Want to hear the full difference?

Call Larry at 1-800-311-1323

Welcome to Millcreek Spreaders!

Made in USA For thirty years we've been building the best-engineered, best-quality compact horse manure spreaders on the market. We look forward to helping YOU clean stalls faster and more easily, so you have more time to spend doing what you enjoy.

Our equipment is durable, functional and easy to use. What's missing? Grease points! All of our spreaders feature exclusive sealed bearings for care-free maintenance. For the ultimate in longevity, check out our stainless steel SS Super Spreaders. They’re the only ones in the world with a body guaranteed not to rust-through for LIFE!

If you're tired of lugging muck buckets… tired of a manure pile… tired of spending too much time on barn chores… then it's time for a Millcreek. You’ll be getting value for every dollar, and unmatched customer service. Give us a call or order today online!

Selecting the Right Manure Spreader