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How much land do I need to use a Millcreek horse manure spreader?

The average horse produces 40-50 lb. of manure daily. One acre of land will typically handle the manure from 1-2 horses, depending on the size of the horse. We will be glad to help you estimate the correct size spreader – just give us a call or email.FAQs – Millcreek Horse Manure Spreaders

Learn more about our company, our products and why manure spreading is good for you and your fields or pastures!

  1. Why buy a manure spreader?

    The average horse produces 40-50 lbs. of manure daily. All that waste has to go somewhere, and it is best if that's not a messy, smelly manure pile! Manure piles are breeding grounds for flies and vermin, and the sight of one doesn't do much for your property value. Composting manure takes up a lot of time and space. Not to mention, wheelbarrows are heavy and awkward to lift! Spreading manure allows it to go directly from your stalls to your fields, where it will add nutrients to the soil. You'll clean stalls in half the time, and have more time to enjoy your horses.

  2. Why Millcreek?

    Millcreek was the first company to build high-quality compact manure spreaders and we’re still the only company focused on making spreaders for horse owners. We’ve now been in business for 30 years! Since 1985, our spreaders have been designed and engineered from the ground up to be the best-quality, best-performing equipment on the market. They have continually been updated in response to customer needs, too - our original model 27 is now on its 5 th generation!

    Millcreek offers exclusive features you won’t find anywhere else: sealed bearings, anti-wrap beaters, lower sides and of course our unique stainless steel SS super spreaders with an unbeatable Lifetime Warranty against floor and body rust-through. All of our spreaders are easy to use, operate and maintain, and they are built to last.

  3. Can I pull a Millcreek spreader with an ATV or lawn tractor?

    Four of the models in the Millcreek manure spreader lineup are ground-driven and can be pulled with an ATV or garden tractor – no PTO needed! With two of the larger models, you still have your choice of ground drive or PTO.

  4. Will a Millcreek spreader handle straw bedding or hay mixed with other bedding?

    Yes! Unlike other equipment on the market, Millcreek spreaders can handle virtually any kind of horse stall bedding – including straw. You can also spread bedding that has hay mixed in it.

  5. Are the spreaders hard to move around loaded/unloaded (how much do they weigh)?

    Our Dolly Wheel Jack™ makes moving your spreader smooth and easy, even when it's full. You can push your spreader right up to or even into your horse stalls. Millcreek spreaders also weigh less unloaded than other models, which makes maneuvering easier, too.

  6. How high are the sides on a Millcreek spreader?

    Millcreek spreaders are designed and engineered to be as low to the ground as possible. Typically they're 4-7" lower than other horse manure spreaders on the market, making them much easier to load. The most popular models are lower than some wheelbarrows! The sides are flared for easier loading, too.

  7. What are the floorboards made out of (they are the first thing to go)?

    Our poly-vinyl floorboards are guaranteed to never rust and never rot – for the lifetime of your spreader!

  8. What kind of warranty do you get with a Millcreek spreader?

    Millcreek sets the industry standard for high-quality, top-value compact manure spreading equipment. Some horse manure spreaders have a warranty of only one year. Millcreek provides a Two (2) Year Warranty on parts, Ten (10) Years prorated on our Rhino Lining urethane coating, and a Lifetime Warranty on our no-rot, no-rust poly floor. Our exclusive stainless steel SS Super Spreaders carry a LIFETIME Warranty against rust-through on the body as well!

  9. Where are the spreaders made?

    Millcreek spreaders are proudly made in the U.S.A., in Pennsylvania. Everyone who works here is a horse owner, just like you.

  10. Where can I buy a Millcreek spreader?

    Visit our Dealers page to locate an Authorized Millcreek Manure Spreader Dealer in your area. If there's no dealer near you, call our office at 1-800-311-1323, as we can also ship direct.

  11. What kind of maintenance will my spreader need?

    Unlike other models of compact spreader, Millcreek spreaders have sealed bearings. This means NO grease points and extremely low-maintenance. A little oil on the chains every few months and you're good to go! Visit our Videos page for more maintenance and service tips.

  12. What happens if my spreader needs a part or repair?

    Millcreek provides outstanding customer service. When you call us, you speak directly to a knowledgeable representative. We provide direct service and support for our own equipment. Millcreek is also the only mini-spreader manufacturer to have service and maintenance videos on our website. We even sell parts for other horse manure spreaders whose manufacturers have gone out of business.

  13. How much manure will they hold/how big of a spreader do I need?

    Millcreek makes eight models of spreaders, and there's one to suit every horse owner's needs, from one horse to more than 25. The bigger the spreader, the less traveling you'll do and the faster the job will be done. The most popular models hold 28 cu. or 37 cu. ft. – that's big enough to muck 4-6 stalls!

  14. Can I use a Millcreek to spread manure from other animals besides horses?

    Yes, Millcreek spreaders can also be used for manure from other animals such as sheep, goats, llamas or alpacas.

  15. Why is manure good to spread on fields/pastures?

    When horse manure is properly spread on pastures and fields, it will dry out due to exposure to air. The spreading action breaks it into small pieces which dry out much faster than horse droppings from animals that are turned out. Dried horse manure attracts fewer flies and becomes less hospitable to parasites. Horse manure will eventually decompose through natural microbial action, and the nutrients will help enhance soil quality. Spreading horse manure helps complete the natural cycle!

  16. How much land do I need to use a Millcreek horse manure spreader?

    The average horse produces 40-50 lb. of manure daily. One acre of land will typically handle the manure from 1-2 horses, depending on the size of the horse. We will be glad to help you estimate the correct size spreader – just give us a call or email.

  17. If I found a coupon for Millcreek Manufacturing on another website will Millcreek Manufacturing honor that coupon?

    Unfortunately, no. If you find a Millcreek Manufacturing coupon anywhere online other than our website, Millcreek has not approved or authorized that coupon. We only honor Millcreek Manufacturing coupons that are found on our website.