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Innovative Design and Superior Engineering

Whether you run a quaint homestead with just a few horses or you make your living off your land and livestock, Millcreek manure spreaders make life easier. Our spreaders are made farm-tough with heavy gauge steel and wear-resistant features for the low maintenance, long-term reliability you need.

Standard models come red in color, are each equipped to handle their specified load capacities and are designed for easy use and maneuvering.

Millcreek's stainless steel models offer additional protection against rust and corrosion (see all SS specifications here). They are the only manure spreaders that come with a Lifetime Warranty against body rust-through.

What makes Millcreek spreaders even better? They are capable of handling more than horse manure! Our high-performing spreaders can also spread hay, straw and manure from other farm animals, like goats, llamas, alpacas and even chickens.

Millcreek spreaders are available in 4 sizes: Mini, Compact, Mid-size and Full-size. Click any category below to view its corresponding model configurations.

For more heavy-duty spreading, consider the 2100 Millcreek Precision Spreader. This spreader is ideal for spreading manure, compost, pelletized and granular lime. You can view more details and model specifications by clicking the Precision Spreader image below.

Download Our Spreader Comparison Chart

Millcreek Horse Blanket
Price: $150 plus shipping
Call to order: (800) 311-1323
Full-Size Manure Spreaders Full-Size Manure Spreaders

Millcreek's Full-Size models, the 97 & 127, are built for at least 20 to 25+ livestock and come with a PTO beater drive.

Price: $7,899.00
Mid-Size Manure Spreaders Mid-Size Manure Spreaders

Millcreek’s 57 & 77 Mid-Size manure spreaders are built for larger stables with up to 20 horses. They are available in both Ground and PTO Drive.

Price: $5,399.00

Compact Manure Spreaders Compact Manure Spreaders

Model 27+ and 37+ spreaders are perfect for small stables with 1-6 horses.

Price: $3,449.00

Compact Galvanized Spreaders Compact Galvanized Spreaders

Model 29 and 36 spreaders are perfect for small stables with 1-6 horses.

Price: $2,899.00
Mini Manure Spreaders Mini Manure Spreaders

The 15 & 22 models are the perfect fit to make stall cleaning faster and easier for entry-level buyers on a budget. Get trouble-free performance that's light on the wallet.

Price: $2,324.00

Precision Spreader Precision Spreader

The Millcreek 2100 Precision Spreader is the ultimate manure spreading
machine, designed to apply all kinds of bulk material with precision,
power and speed. These topdressers feature 13 gauge, all steel
construction, a powder coated finish and our signature poly floor
boards--making these compost spreaders the longest lasting on the market

Price: $6,424.00