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Read for yourself what some of Millcreek's loyal customers are saying about our Manure Spreaders.

Kim Krielaart, Lincoln, NE – Millcreek Sweepstakes Winner

My Millcreek spreader is truly amazing! I had never seen one in person and I did not expect it to be so solid – the quality is just unbelievable. My daughter and I enjoy using it and it definitely helps us get stall cleaning done faster. Thank you, Millcreek for the opportunity to own this great piece of equipment!

Hal Wilson, Chester, MD

I just took delivery of a brand-new Model 27+ Millcreek spreader last week, and I could not be happier with it! It replaced my old Millcreek that I bought used 11 years ago. I have three Quarter Horses that are regular "manufacturing machines," and I spread their manure on three acres of pasture. Just back up the spreader to the stable door (they're kept in overnight), load it up and go spread. I love the lower sides on the Millcreek.

I did look at other spreaders on the market, but they were either too cheap or too expensive. The Millcreek was priced right and is good value. When my old spreader needed an apron chain (it was stored outdoors), Millcreek was able to send me a new one right away and I installed it myself with their directions. Kept the old one running a couple more years! I am really happy with Millcreek and would recommend the company and the machines to anyone.

Barbara Bonk, Silver Hill Equestrian Center, DE

I have fewer horses now, so the mushroom farms won't pick up my manure anymore. Time to buy a spreader! When I called Millcreek I found out they had the perfect thing just waiting for me... in hot pink! My daughter and I run my farm, and our barn help is female, so this spreader was just perfect. It makes us laugh every day!

However, the spreader has been a serious help to us. I am amazed at how fast it spreads the load - I thought it would take a half an hour but it only takes 10 minutes. I love the endgate and especially the dolly wheel. I don't have to hook it up to the Gator until it's full because I can just push it around the barn. When I was shopping (and the people at Millcreek are really helpful, by the way) I forgot to ask if the spreader would handle straw. My two stallions are really messy in their stalls. Fortunately, the spreader is doing fine with it. I am very, very happy with my new spreader!

Dinah Warfield

I bought my Millcreek Model 15 mini spreader in 2004, when we first moved our horses to our farm. I LOVE my Millcreek spreader and am still using it today. Not only does it help cut down on time spent doing my 'horsekeeping' chores, but it eliminates the problem of the never ending manure pile, and helps keep the fly population to a minimum in the summer months. I highly recommend a Millcreek mini spreader to any hobby horse farm owner. It's a simple, convenient tool that allows me to spend less time doing chores and more time in the saddle. Thank you Millcreek!

Lori Munro

I bought my Millcreek 35 about 15 years ago from a local dealer and fell in love with it immediately. Its ease of use right from the get-go and its overall quality construction made it a no brainer to invest in. I currently use in on my 5 horse operation but at one point used it with the output of 12 horses with ease. I draw it with my Honda Foreman ATV and it pulls beautifully. One of the perks of my spreader is that I can easily push it around in the barn from stall to stall when it's unhooked from the ATV which makes it handy if I want to do a quick spread without having to first go to the "equine waste dept" of the ranch!

I love being unique so I added a few snazzy flames to both sides of the spreader so even if I'm not going fast, I look like I am! Thanks for a fabulous quality product that has lasted and lasted throughout the years.

Terry and Wanda Fund, Pasture Management Solutions - New Castle, DE

I am the proud owner of the first Millcreek 37 spreader ever made! We got it 20 years ago and it has been helping us on the farm ever since. This year the body finally rusted out, even though all the mechanics worked great. So I decided to rebuild it - you can see how well it turned out, and Millcreek even sent me new decals. We currently have five horses on 13 acres, with 7 in pasture. We've spread manure on the pasture all this time, and the grass is super-healthy. We have done so well, in fact, that we started a business helping people with smaller acreages (see us on FB). We recommend Millcreeks to all our customers because you won't find a better-quality machine. I'm glad I'm keeping mine!

Katherine Mack, Danielsville, PA

I just took delivery of my second Millcreek spreader. The first one lasted almost 20 years, and it still runs fine despite a little rust in the body. In fact, I gave it to my neighbor who plans to keep on using it! Before I bought a new spreader I looked at some others on the market.The other kind of spreader made in Lancaster is way too heavy - I have to be able to move it by myself. I had good success with my Millcreek so when I looked online and saw they've made some changes I liked, I went to the factory to check them out. I wanted something that will really last because I have to do and fix things on my own here. I'm very happy with this 27+ Deluxe model with the Rhino lining. The dolly wheel makes it easy for me to manipulate it, too. Just like my first Millcreek I know it will be worth the money I paid.

I have four horses on the property and pull the spreader right to the stalls with my 4-wheeler. The secret to good manure spreading is to drive right at 5 mph. My Millcreek spreads the manure and shavings so fine, it's all gone in about a day - and my pasture looks great.

Tom Baker

We had a bitter, messy cold winter here in northeast Ohio, with many feet of snow, ice, mud and anything else Mother Nature could throw at us. Everything that could break down did, with the exception of our 17-year-old Millcreek Model 25 manure spreader. I was so happy with it, I created this little video review to share. I am, and always have been very pleased with this spreader. I highly recommend them. Thanks for watching. Watch Tom's video on YouTube.

BJ Moretz

We purchased our 37+ Millcreek spreader in 2010. It has performed flawlessly. I particularly like the rhino lining and poly planks in the floor. Our last spreader had a wooden floor that rotted out. We have a 4 horse barn and the 37+ is the perfect size for us. It makes it a little less like work to pull it with my 1970 Cub tractor too.

Gerry Clement, Thompson Station, TN – Take The Reins Ministry

We are very pleased with our new Millcreek 37+ horse manure spreader. This is actually my second Millcreek; I bought the first one after a friend recommended them. I really liked my old Millcreek but I’m very happy with the changes they have made, especially the poly floor boards, heavy-duty steel body and bigger beaters. I have three horses, two ponies, two burros and two Miniature Horses on our 12-acre farm and bed them on wood shavings. I rotate pastures and spread manure year-round on areas where the animals aren’t grazing, and our grass looks great thanks to the natural fertilizer.

We are a non-profit and currently have 21 children enrolled in our therapeutic horsemanship program. We love helping kids, and really appreciate our Millcreek spreader that helps keep our farm running.

Julia MacDougall, SanTan Valley, AZ – Sparkle Plenty Ranch

Best thing about my new Millcreek spreader: it affords me more time in my day! We are the very busy owners of the largest Miniature Horse breeding operation in the state of Arizona. It’s a family-run business, so anything I can do to get in and out of our two barns faster is a great help. We pull our Millcreek with an ATV and spread on a boundary road between our pastures, 365 days a year. This is our second Millcreek and the first one that’s 17 years old still runs fine – in fact, our neighbor is buying it! We chose a Millcreek again because we were so happy with the first one and because we were impressed with the sealed bearings on the new one. Low-maintenance is the way to go with farm equipment.

Another feature I love about this spreader is the dolly wheel. I love being able to push it around by myself and easily hook it up to the ATV. This is a huge plus, especially when you’re a little older.

Like other people have said, I don’t know what we’d do without our Millcreek. We got into horses because we love them, but they do take a lot of work. The spreader just makes life easier!

Sara Riggins, Blountville, TN – Hawleys Farm Stables

I've had my Millcreek horse manure spreader for seven years, and the most important thing I can say is, "If everything I owned took this little maintenance life would be a lot easier!" Seriously, this piece of equipment JUST WORKS. My manure spreader is not pampered, either; it's kept outdoors under an overhang.

I have a big spreader, the model 77, and I use it daily for the manure from 17 horses. My pastures are essential because I prefer to have my horses on a largely grass-based diet. Adding manure to my fields is more than convenient – it helps maintain them. I employ field rotation and spread on pasture I'm not using, and I’m proud to say my fields are in fantastic shape (I also have the soil tested every spring and add nitrogen).

I chose a Millcreek after seeing them on display at Equine Affaire and talking to fellow horse people who recommended them. My husband also looked at online reviews, and he actually bought me the spreader as an anniversary gift. That might seem a bit funny, but he truly gave me exactly what I needed and wanted!

Customer service at Millcreek has always been very friendly, helpful and prompt. I would not hesitate to recommend a Millcreek horse manure spreader to anyone!

Lynn Turner

We have had out wonderful Millcreek Spreader about 8 or 9 years and can't imagine not having it!!! WE have a six stall barn and keep it working each and every day. As any horse owner knows they are efficient at making manure!!! I just have it parked close to barn door outside and dump the bucket into spreader and away we go. This year we are going to try using it all winter. We hate having a manure pile in the spring so will try to keep a path to pastures for spreading manure! We get alot of snow in Northern Lower Michigan but would rather do that then take a wheel barrow outside in the winter to a pile!. I cannot say enough good about them and make sure you get the rhino rubber floor. It’s fantastic. It has served us well and we love it.

Sabra Morgan, North Myrtle Beach, SC

My name is Sabra Morgan and I own a Millcreek manure spreader! I bought this spreader about 13 years ago, and it has worked for a living almost every day since then. I got the smaller one with a composite floor and it manages a barn of 4 to 6 horses with ease. Every year it has continued to perform reliably, and it still looks great too. When I first got the spreader I had a small farm in Virginia and pulled it with my lawn mower. Now we have a 50 acre hay farm, raise Paint horses, and bought a Ranger UTV to pull it with. We have been very happy with this spreader, it has worked very hard, is still performing great, and is simple to maintain! If we decide to get another spreader, it will definitely be a Millcreek spreader, we value the quality and value! Thank you Millcreek!!

Reg Finn, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – FRIENDS Horse Ranch

FRIENDS is a non-profit equine rescue and we clean 50-60 stalls every day. We work our Millcreek HARD and use the heck out of it! Our new 57+ is our third Millcreek and we are very, very pleased with it. I'm the operator and I can't believe how fast it gets the spreading done. I drive slowly but it still spreads so fast I'm back to the barn in no time for another load. The sealed bearings are an improvement over our old model and any time there's less work, it's a good thing.

FRIENDS Horse Ranch is 3rd-generation family owned, and staffed completely by volunteers. We have a sponsorship program and run on donations. We greatly appreciate our new Millcreek, and know that we've invested in a piece of quality equipment.

Sagebrush, VT

I have three wonderful equines and, as any horse person knows, spend a great deal of time shoveling. For most of my forty five+ year horse ownership journey I shoveled manure into a wheelbarrow and dumped it into a pile. Being that I am older and wiser, it finally dawned on me: what if I could shovel the manure from the stall and paddock area right into a little manageable manure spreader, pulled by my ATV and spread directly on the field, eliminating all the in between hassles?

After doing research on the various types of small spreaders on the market, one rose to the top of the heap, so to speak. I wanted one that was made in the U.S., sturdy, easy to use, and built to last. And I found it; the Cutest Little Manure Spreader Ever! The Millcreek Spreader, Model 27, designed to accommodate manure from 1-4 horses. Anyway, I ordered it through Pete's Equipment & Repair, and could not be happier with my purchase and the great service I received!

It came with the dollywheel/jack stand, for ease of hooking it up to the ATV, and an endgate that you put up when you have engaged the spreading linkage so you are less likely to get a frozen manure ball in the back of your head. Good option to get, just sayin'. The floor is made of a high density plastic so it will never rust, and the whole inside is of a urethane lining to prevent corrosion. With the three Manure Makers here, I find that I have a full load every 2-3 days, which is perfect. It gets it away from the barn and the beater bars break up the manure as it is spread so as to minimize the insect habitat.

In Vermont, you can spread manure on your fields between December 15th and April 1st, so when December came I begrudgingly hosed the spreader off and put it in the barn for the winter. Wow, I missed that thing! I had to resort to piling manure up again; it was another reason to celebrate the return of April, in my world!