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Stainless Steel Spreaders

Innovative Design and Superior Engineering

This line of manure spreaders are the upgraded versions of Millcreek’s Standard and Deluxe Model Spreaders. They are built for the ultimate in longevity and are the only conventional spreaders on the market that come with a Lifetime Warranty against body rust-through.

Built from 13-gauge brushed stainless steel, this heavy-duty design will save you money in the long run and serve you for many years to come.

The Stainless Steel packages are available for our Compact, Mid-Size and Full-Size Models. Click the images below to view more details and specifications.

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Full-Size Stainless Steel Spreaders Full-Size Stainless Steel Spreaders

This is the top of the Millcreek mountain of professional grade manure
spreaders for equine and small dairy applications. You get farm-tough
construction with heavy gauge stainless steel and quality craftsmanship
you've come to expect with Millcreek products.

Price: $10,199.00
Mid-Size Stainless Steel Spreaders Mid-Size Stainless Steel Spreaders

The Millcreek Mid Size Stainless Steel Spreader features heavy gauge steel, farm-tough
construction and comes with choice of Ground Drive (forward motion
powers spreading action) or PTO (Power Take-Off) Drive to work with
tractors. It’s ideal for large stables, small dairy farms and spreading
bulk materials like wood chips.

Price: $8,274.00

Compact Stainless Steel Spreaders Compact Stainless Steel Spreaders

The world’s most popular equine spreader since 1985, the Millcreek Model 27 blazed the trail to faster and easier stall cleaning. It’s ideal for the  smaller barn of up to 4 horses. Easy,  simple and almost effortless to use.

Price: $4,999.00